Submitted / In-preparation Research Material

6)     Ahmet Taha Koru, Tansel Yucelen, Rifat Sipahi, Adrián Ramírez, Kadriye Merve Dogan.Stability of Human-in-the-Loop Multiagent Systems with Time Delays”. American Control Conference. Submitted as a regular paper, 26 Sep 2018.

5)       Adrián Ramírez, Rifat Sipahi, Sabine Mondié, Rubén Garrido. Fast Consensus in a Large-Scale Multi-Agent System with Directed Graphs Using Time-Delayed Measurements. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A. Submitted as a full paper, 13 Aug 2018. Impact factor 2.746.

4)       Adrián Ramírez, Min Hyong Koh, Rifat Sipahi. An Approach to Compute and Design the Delay Margin of a Large-Scale Matrix Delay Equation. International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control.  Submitted as a full paper, 30 May 2018 (1st round), 19 Sep 2018 (2nd round). Impact factor: 3.856.

3)       Min Hyong KohAdrián Ramírez, Rifat Sipahi. “Sub-platooning via Agent Separation for Improved Traffic Flow Metrics in a Car-Following Model”. In: Incorporating Constraints on the Analysis of Delay and Distributed Parameter System. Submitted 14 May 2018 (1st round).

2)       Kevin López, Rubén Garrido, Sabine Mondié, Adrián Ramírez. Analog Implementation of the Integral Retarded Control Law and its Application to the Velocity Control of DC ServodrivesIn-preparation as a conference paper, 2019.

1)       Adrián Ramírez, Rifat Sipahi, Sabine Mondié, Rubén Garrido. “An Analytical Approach to Tuning of Delay-Based Controllers for LTI-SISO Systems”. Springer. In-preparation as a book, 2019.